Vane Axial Fan Installation, Repair, and Replacement Services

Vane Axial Fan Services

Businesses, building owners, property managers, management companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and commercial real estate service firms need reliable, high-performance, energy-efficient vane axial fan services, centrifugal variable air volume (VAV) fan services, and commercial HVAC solutions for their complex properties.

Chiller Systems Service is a top service provider for:

  • Vane axial fan and VAV fan installation

  • Vane axial fan and VAV fan repair

  • Vane axial fan and VAV fan retrofit

  • Vane axial fan and VAV fan upgrade and replacement

  • Vane axial fan and VAV fan preventative maintenance needs

We deliver best-value, turnkey commercial HVAC services to enhance equipment operational performance and savings.

Our vane axial fan services include:

  • Inspection and service of all brands and types of vane axial fans and HVAC equipment

  • Installation of state-of-the-art vibration analysis and other predictive services

  • Refrigerant monitor installation and motor and fan replacement

  • Fixed-pitch retrofits and axial vane fan rebuilds

  • Adjustable frequency drive upgrades

  • Installation of shaft grounding systems on electric motors that operate on adjustable frequency drives

  • Parts and supplies

  • Preventive maintenance agreements

Options include installation, repair, or replacement of all major brands of vane axial fans. Vane axial fans and centrifugal VAV fans are also great candidates for retrofitting to operate on adjustable frequency drives. The result is maximum building efficiency, improved static pressure control, maximum comfort for building occupants, reduced maintenance costs, and an attractive return on your investment.

Our factory-trained technicians provide custom vane axial fan solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional clients of all sizes throughout Metro Denver and the Colorado Front Range.


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We service all brands of vane axial fans, including, Flaktwood, Champion, Greenheck, Chicago Blower, and Airflow. Together, we choose the best equipment and solutions to meet your needs.

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We’re your trusted source for vane-axial fan installation, repair, and replacement services, as well as full-service, cost-effective commercial, institutional, and industrial HVAC solutions.

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