National Tuneup Day is September 25th

Technician performing HVAC tune upNational Tuneup Day was created to remind homeowners to schedule an HVAC tuneup, but it’s even more important for businesses to routinely have their HVAC systems inspected, tuned up, repaired, and upgraded. A well-maintained commercial HVAC system extends the life of your company’s system and components. In addition, an HVAC tune-up ensures your system runs efficiently, saving on energy costs. Every business is looking to control costs and lower utility bills, and annual  tune-ups can help your business keep its heating and cooling systems running at peak performance.

Cut The Waste

Your business’ HVAC system accounts for approximately 40% of your electricity expenditures, and if it’s not well-maintained, it can be even more inefficient and consume even more energy. Similarly, a recent government report found that older, poorly maintained gas furnaces can waste between 56% and 70% of your natural gas when attempting to heat your business.

To ensure maximum efficiency of your company’s heating and cooling system, it’s wise to schedule an AC check and tune-up before summer temperatures return and a fall furnace check-up in the fall. As you know, Colorado winters can be long and cold, so it’s a good idea to ensure that your furnace is inspected, cleaned, maintained, repaired, or replaced before winter arrives.

Protect Your Indoor Air Quality

Many Americans spend as much as 90% of every day inside. According to the EPA, indoor air pollution can be two to five times greater than outside. That’s right, the air inside can be dirtier than the great outdoors, especially if your business is located in a major city. And, because employees and owners spend so much time at work, it’s important to maintain your HVAC system. 

In the winter, because most workers are indoors and near each other, you want to ensure that your indoor air quality is the best. Moreover, you have good filtration, circulation, and ventilation to maintain worker comfort, productivity, and health. Therefore, fall is the perfect time to schedule your HVAC tuneup and inspection.

Change Your Filters

While most heating and cooling experts advise homeowners to check and replace their HVAC air filters every three-four months, office or work HVAC filters should be changed more often. Commercial HVAC experts recommend inspecting and checking your air filters as often as every two months. This is because commercial systems get a lot more use, filter many more cubic feet of air and get dirtier faster than home system filters, primarily if those systems also handle polluted air in manufacturing, restaurant, or warehouse environments. 

Dirty air can include mold spores, dust, grease, smoke, and other contaminants. If you’re operating a restaurant, auto shop, or other business that uses chemicals, preps food, or produces other irritants or pollutants, it’s crucial to filter that air. Some companies might even want to consider changing their filters every month. Clean filters can help extend the life of your system, save money on energy bills, and deliver better air quality. Conversely, clogged filters make your system run harder and less efficiently.

What Can You Expect For An HVAC Tuneup?

A diligent HVAC professional will take as much as an hour to inspect and clean the furnace and the components. If repairs are needed, additional time will be required to complete those repairs. 

What tasks does an HVAC technician perform?

  • Tests the furnace ignition system

  • Inspects and lubricates the motor bearings and other moving parts

  • Inspects the fan belts and adjust the tension as needed

  • Inspects and adjust the fan belt tension

  • Tests the voltage and current

  • Checks gas connections

  • Tests system controls

  • Inspects the heat exchanger

  • Inspects and cleans the burner

  • Tests and verifies gas pressure

  • Tests the carbon monoxide levels

  • Tests the thermostat and calibrates 

  • Inspects and changes the air filter if needed

The technician may discover worn, defective, or failed components during the inspection and advise the business owner of these issues before performing any repairs or replacements. Learning about and fixing these issues before the winter and when you really need the heat is better.

Choose Chiller Systems Service For All Your Business’ Heating and Cooling Needs

Since 1997, Chiller’s has been delivering top-notch commercial HVAC services to the Denver Metro, Northern Colorado, and Southern Colorado businesses, including leaders in commercial real estate, healthcare, oil & gas, education, and industrial manufacturing sectors and industries. Major companies depend on us to keep their heating, cooling, and air filtration systems running smoothly and efficiently. Likewise, they rely on us to keep their employees and customers comfortable and safe. 

They trust us to keep their systems up and running without interruptions. They also know that we develop solutions tailor-made to their needs and specifications. We have the experience, industry, and product knowledge and can build detailed service plans with transparent, accurate pricing. We focus on meticulous planning, which is not the norm in our industry. 

Look no further if you want a trusted, knowledgeable, responsible, and responsive commercial HVAC partner; we are Chillers. We answer our phones and are ready to answer any questions you may have about your commercial HVAC needs and options. Call us if you’re a greater Denver Metro area business and you need a tuneup, estimate, or second opinion. 

Contact us or call us today at 303-275-6250 to schedule your bi-annual HVAC system tuneup. Keeping your system tuned up and well maintained extends the life of your system, improves performance, and saves you money.


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