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businessman in modern office with computer and fan cooling off looking for chiller rentals in Colorado to fix office air conditioner.From industrial facilities to commercial buildings to residential properties, reliable, high-performance chiller systems play an essential role in climate control for complex properties. With proper installation and regular preventative maintenance, you can keep your chiller up and running smoothly and provide energy-efficient cooling for decades.

But even with the best and most attentive preventative maintenance plan to protect your chiller from unexpected breakdowns, emergencies can still happen. Going without a reliable chiller for too long can have a serious negative impact on the comfort of your building’s occupants and lead to unexpected and unwanted downtime that adversely affects the quality of your work, your profits, and more.

Rental chiller units can help in times of catastrophic failure to reduce your downtime and minimize the negative impact on your property and your business operations.

Why do you need a temporary chiller rental?

A temporary chiller rental is useful for shortening the gap between having a chiller for your property and not having a chiller for your property because not having a working chiller on your property when you need one can lead to unacceptable downtime for your business.

In other words, a temporary chiller rental reduces downtime and shortens periods of reduced profitability for your business. Temporary chiller rental also helps if, for whatever reason, you experience a surge in cooling demand that your existing chiller unit cannot adequately meet on its own.

A temporary chiller rental is useful for providing cooling capabilities in situations such as:

  • Planned chiller shutdowns (i.e., for maintenance and inspection purposes, planned repairs, upgrades and installation, etc.)
  • Unplanned and emergency chiller shutdowns (i.e. unexpected breakdowns, disaster situations, storm damage, equipment failure, other emergency repairs)
  • Temporary comfort cooling or process chiller needs (for temporary worksites, etc.)
  • Weather conditions require extra temporary chiller capacity

For industrial properties, the use of a process chiller is essential for removing waste heat generated by industrial processes, repeatedly conducting chilled water or air through a closed loop to absorb heat from the machinery and equipment and dump it outside.

Without an adequate chiller system, your equipment can overheat, becoming less efficient in its processes, requiring more frequent maintenance or repairs, or even breaking down and requiring expensive replacements.

Office and residential chillers and HVAC systems may not seem as important as systems in the industrial sector, but play a vital role in regulating the comfort and health of your building’s occupants that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Depending on the size of your property, these chiller units, too, must work very hard and efficiently to draw heat out of your building through the use of cooled water or air.

The Benefits of Emergency Chiller Rental

When your chiller breaks down, repairs or sourcing replacement parts may take longer than expected, especially if it is a very old or uncommon brand or model or if its failure mode is exceptionally severe. This is an unfortunate and sometimes-unavoidable reality of chiller repair—which a temporary emergency chiller rental aims to mitigate.

Temporary rental chiller units provide portable cooling capable of handling your building or your process equipment’s cooling needs while your permanent chiller unit is out of order or being replaced, so you can keep working in comfort with the climate control standards you need.

Emergency chiller rental services also prove useful in the case of weather events that strain your property’s chiller systems to their limits; for example, an unexpected heat wave brings unseasonably warm weather to your location. Most properties naturally make their decisions regarding the capabilities of their chillers and HVAC systems based on normal weather patterns in their area.

But the weather seemingly grows more chaotic every year, with freak occurrences of unseasonable heat in summer months and unseasonable cold in winter months popping up all over the country, so it’s all the more important to be aware of emergency chiller rental services in your area when freak spikes of heat or other weather conditions that might damage an outdoor chiller unit take you and your building’s occupants by surprise.

The benefits of emergency chiller rental include:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced loss of productive capacity/profits
  • Reduced load/strain on existing chiller and HVAC systems
  • Improved employee comfort in emergency and disaster situations
  • Improved process equipment performance in emergency and disaster situations

Being aware of your options for HVAC and chiller rental equipment in your area should be a vital section of your business’s disaster recovery plan.

What to Look For in Chiller Rental Companies

When you make use of rental chiller unit services, whether for emergency or non-emergency purposes, you depend on your supplier’s capabilities, particularly their ability to:

  • Get your temporary chiller rental unit up and running quickly to avoid and reduce business disruptions
  • Seamlessly connect your rental chiller to your existing climate control infrastructure
  • Choose the right brand/model of portable rental chiller system to suit your property’s unique cooling needs

Chiller Systems Service is a dedicated provider of temporary rental chiller equipment to industrial, residential, commercial, and institutional properties of all shapes and sizes throughout the Colorado Front Range and the metro Denver area.

Our rental services include equipment failure emergency support and quick-delivery rentals, with a full range of rental chiller units and other heating and cooling units in stock and ready for rapid load time to meet all of your property’s complex cooling needs.

At Chiller, our goal is fast, expert service, setting us apart from other chiller rental companies—bringing technicians capable of working with all brands and types of chiller, including Smardt, Carrier, Trane, Daikin/McQuay, Dunham Bush, and York right to your door in a hurry so we can minimize downtime and get you back on track as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Our goal is to deliver chiller solutions, permanent and temporary, that provide maximum efficiency and comfort, reduce your maintenance costs, improve your energy efficiency, and get you an attractive return on investment for your chiller equipment.

If you need emergency chiller rental services, time is of the essence to limit costly downtime. Don’t delay—reach out to us for a chiller rental quote today.

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What types of chiller units do you rent out?

We rent out a full range of portable chiller units, including Smardt, Carrier, Trane, Daikin/McQuay, Dunham Bush, and York chillers. We can provide temporary chiller units for industrial, residential, commercial, and institutional properties of all sizes.

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer emergency chiller rental services, as well as planned chiller maintenance and inspection services. We also offer quick-delivery chiller rentals to help minimize downtime and get your property back to normal as quickly as possible.

How quickly can I get a chiller rental?

We have a full range of rental chiller units in-stock and ready to be dispatched quickly, so you can get back up and running in no time.

What sets you apart from other chiller rental companies?

We have technicians capable of working with all brands and types of chiller systems, as well as fast and expert service. We strive to provide maximum efficiency and comfort, reduce your maintenance costs, improve your energy efficiency, and get you an attractive return on investment for your chiller equipment.

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